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JSI Resort Megamendung Bogor

JSI Resort Megamendung has a concept off-road resort destination with all amenities on site. Over 117 rooms ranging from primitive to premium accommodations. Some of the Villas provide a swimming pool & kitchenette. We offer a complete vacation experience that is primarily focused on the outdoor experience.


  1. Talent Acquisition & Development.
  2. Finance Controller.

If you hove the experience, qualifications and passions, please apply by sending your application letter and full CV to:
Email Subject: Position Code – Name (bp: J81- TAD-0 – KHOIRUN NISA)

We will review your application and if you are short-listed for the position, we will contact you for an interview.

Latest Submission on : Wednesday, October 20th 2022.

Source: Andreas Purwoaji Santiago Lalenoh