Greenhost Boutique Hotel (Ayom Group)

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Communication Lead

Embark on a Meaningful Journey with Us and Help Us Grow Further, as a Communication Coordinator at Ayom Group!

We believe in communicating what we do, and doing what we communicate. Therefore, the ideal candidate for this position is someone with:
strong leadership who shares similar values with us, who understands the importance of embracing the locals, the environment, and the local wisdoms.
excellent people skill, sharp mind, open to learning new approach, strong sense of perseverance, and quick to adapt to new working environment.
excellent writing skills in both Indonesian and English.
experience in working with communities before will be a great advantage.

Should you feel that you are this kind of person, do send us an email along with your CV and cover letter (must be in English) to and cc to

Ayom Group is a conscious hotel & travel operator managing Ayom Java Village Solo and Greenhost Boutique Hotel Yogyakarta. We take the risk to showcase how our sustainable business & community development model can benefit employees, communities, and most importantly, locals. All is done while preserving the spirit of the place where our businesses operate, embracing the local environment, culture, tradition, philosophy, and community.

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EXPIRED — This post seems to be older than 1 year. It might be outdated.