Novotel Yogyakarta

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Novotel Yogyakarta is currently looking for:

1. Front Office Manager.

  • Guest Passion.
  • Willing to grow within Accor Group.
  • Assuring the loyalty members experience follows Accor standards and commitments.
  • Manages and motivates front office teams in order to provide high quality services for guest.
  • Maintains close relationships with guests throughout their stay in order to foster loyalty and Handles guest complaints if they have not been dealt with by team members and provides a rapid solution.
  • Ensures the department meets its quantitative, qualitative targets, and Carries out annual performance appraisals for team member.
  • Develops employees’ motivation and team spirit by creating a good working atmosphere and Empowers team members to make decisions and encourages ideas and innovation.
  • Draws up the annual budget for the department, analyses results and implements any corrective actions required and managing rooms cost effectively.
  • Fully understand and controlling in FO administrative.
  • Reporting directly to Room Division Manager.

2. Front Office Supervisor.

  • Maintain the highest standard of guest service and satisfaction.
  • Will be called upon to deal with guest problems and/or complaints
  • Assuring the loyalty members experience follows Accor standards and commitments.
  • Ensure and oversee that the Receptionist shift procedures/duties are completed on time and are procedurally correct.
  • Assists all area in the Front Office Department. As required. (i.e.: Operator, Reservations, Reception, Concierge, and Business Center).
  • Guest Passion.
  • Willing to grow within Accor Group.

3. Guest Experience Leader.

  • Guest passion and loves Accor Loyalty guest.
  • Deliver on the in Hotel experience using systems and tools, but make it feel genuine (prepare the VIP & check rooms).
  • Know how to make guest better by collecting their preferences, contact details and Embrace personalized service delivery and make the customer feel unique.
  • Willing to grow within Accor Group.
  • Thinks of innovative ways to improve business operations and increase revenue (upselling).

4. Guest Service Agent.

  • Having a positive attitude towards work, be self-disciplined and self-motivated, and set a good working example for all sub-ordinates.
  • Responsible for the daily organization of the section.
  • Be concerned with staff discipline and staff performance and help to develop skills for all staff within the section.
  • Contribute to overall operational efficiency by performing relevant duties as assigned.
  • Monitor guest service personnel constantly, ensuring that at all times maximum guest satisfaction is being achieved through guest recognition and prompt cordial attention.
  • Establish good public relationship with all guests.
  • Provide guests with the most accurate and up to date information at all times.
  • Provide services and information to guests that are the most accurate and up to date possible, and are delivered to the guest in the most meaningful way.
  • Maintain a very good reputation for the Hotel and assist to increase the overall profitability of the Hotel.

5. FO Night Auditor.

  • To be in charge in overall hotel operation at night time and make decisions as necessary to ensure smooth operation and well being of hotel image.
  • Actively monitor all areas in the hotel to ensure standard of service are maintained; overall staff conduct are according to the set policy; correct steps or actions are taken to ensure fire and safety regulations are adhered to; and to anticipate and/or overcome building/equipment physical problem.
  • Intensely coordinate with security to secure hotel guests and their belongings; protect hotel facilities and equipment; and to protect against misbehavior of irresponsible personnel.
  • Exercise great tact, firmness and solid decision during his shift. Assist in the supervision of discipline in the hotel.
  • Prepare Night Front Office Report for management.
  • Co-ordinate and ensure that Front Office, Outlet Cashier and Night Auditor have complete input, up date and audit before giving the approval for one button process.
  • Conduct hand over briefing with Receptionist for Skippers, Sleep out and check out with balance on a daily basis.
  • Coordinates Housekeeping and Food & Beverage on any special request out of the normal routine which requires special services.
  • Closely check all Engineering related matters and work together with Engineer on duty to ensure smooth function of engine, machine or system which support comfort of guests and facilitate employee’s assignment.

6. Room Attendant.

  • Consistently offer professional, friendly and engaging service
  • Clean all assigned guestrooms including: dusting, making beds, soiled linen removal from rooms, and retrieval of clean linen from linen closets, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, inside window cleaning, replenish rooms with supplies.
  • Sign in and out master keys daily.
  • Maintain proper usage of cleaning supplies and equipment.
  • Update and record all cleaned rooms.
  • Return and properly tag all lost and found articles in the Housekeeping Office.
  • Follow departmental policies and procedures and service standards.
  • Report necessary maintenance items.
  • Follow all safety and sanitation policies.Other duties as assigned.
  • Ensure security of guest rooms and privacy of guests.

7. Executive Chef/Chef.

  • Have experience in hotel kitchen on several positions.
  • Ready to take a full leadership of the kitchen, including pastry and bakery department, stewarding.
  • Focused on food quality during breakfast and other FB fuctions.
  • Strong background in Indonesian, Chinese and Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Control and develope on daily basis hygiene standards in department.
  • Monitor cost on budgeted level.
  • Good communication skills with the team, and hotel guests.
  • Able to set up promotions callender, work close with FB Manager to boost the revenue.
  • Good interpersonal skills, attitude, dicipline and high motivation.
  • Initiative and commited with strong sense of responsibility.
  • Reliable and able to meet deadlines.
  • Willing to grow within ACCOR Group.

8. Pastry Chef.

  • Assisting the Chef in all areas of pastry and bakery menus.
  • Production of high quality food for the restaurants and the banquet department, concentrating on taste and excellent presentation.
  • Develop and manage bakery shop in hotel.
  • Developing of daily specials.
  • Responsible to implement and follow all International Hygiene Standards.
  • Consistently checks market for new ideas, cooking techniques and products.
  • Train personnel to ensure that all working procedures are implemented properly.
  • Have a good personality and positive attitude.
  • Hard worker and team player.
  • High motivation and inspiration.
  • Willing to grow within ACCOR Group.

9. Landscape and Garden Supervisor.

  • Ensures smooth and continuous operation of required equipment for the total hotel area landscape.
  • Ensures smooth operation of all equipment.
  • Ensure sweeps daily in the garden around the hotel.
  • Ensure to work with job assignment from HOD.
  • Ensure to watering and trim the tree everyday.
  • Take care of indoor and outdoor plants by watering everyday.
  • Maintains the cleanliness of gardens, surroundings and secures.
  • Replenishment of all indoor plants around the lobby, restaurants, corridors and inside guest rooms.
  • Ensure of responsible for work safety on his shift.
  • Reports daily by log book to the Housekeeper of all irregularities during his shift and steps taken to rectify the problems.
  • Ensures that personal grooming and hygiene standards are being observed.
  • Checks all shift personnel at the start of each shift.
  • Complies with Hotel’s Health, Safety & Hygiene policy.
  • Supporting and keep plants on nursery.

10. Revenue Manager.

  • Have experience as Revenue Analyst minimum 2 years.
  • Degree in Hotel Management School, or general Business school.
  • Knowledge of the concepts and evaluation of market analysis processes.
  • A clear understanding of hotel industry is necessary as well as analytical capabilities, experience in study cases, market research and studies with mathematical background.
  • Analyze the contract performance (price, allotments, number of rooms sold, etc) before decisions on renewals are taken.
  • Is responsible for having all the revenue management processes in place in the hotel, he/she implements the GM’s strategy on daily basis, updates planning, quotes groups and alerts GM, when market deviates from strategy.
  • Survey the market, the competitors in terms of pricing and closed dates as a basis for future pricing strategies.
  • Calculate availability and minimum rate for the requests by using group quotation.
  • Providing dynamic forecasts, compared to the strategy of the GM and budget recommendation.
  • Analyze on a monthly basis the results in terms of internal and external indicators (RevPAR and market share), in order to react in time.
  • Familiar with CRS (TARS data and resa main screens) and distribution channels.
  • Communication skills : PowerPoint, Word, Outlook.
  • Languages: fluent in the national language, and good level in English.
  • Monitor domain / hosting of the Hotel.
  • Have the ability handle multiple tasks at one time.
  • Reliable and able to meet deadlines.
  • Willing to grow within the ACCOR group.
  • Attractive salary Package.

Kindly send your Application (before 10 May 2018) to:

Jalan Sudirman No.89 Yogyakarta

Novotel Yogyakarta

EXPIRED — This Post Seems To Be Older Than 11 months. It Might Be Outdated.